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White Flags for Deer Fences, 14 White Warning Flags


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Use these white flags to warn deer away from your deer fence, especially in the twilight or at night, when they might otherwise not see the fence. Attach them about 3 feet up on the fence so as to avoid giving clues about the true height of the fence.

The purpose of these white flags is to show the deer that something is present at a time when they might otherwise go running into the fence full-tilt. In addition, the flags somewhat resemble the white flash a white-tailed deer makes by raising its tail–a danger signal that makes the other deer run away. Therefore, besides making the deer aware of the fence at night, the hoped-for aim of these little flags is to make the deer nervous and uncomfortable in the fence’s presence.

Apply these white flags (two per 15-foot fence section) when the fence is first installed.  They may be cut off after 4 months or so, once the deer have become accustomed to the fence.  Tie them onto the fence at about 3 feet above the ground. Bag of 14 flags.

The flags actually of ordinary white surveyor’s tape cut into roughly 20-inch lengths. Tie them onto the fence so that two lengths of the tape, each some 7 to 10 inches down hang down from the attachment point.

From a human standpoint, these flags make the deer fence temporarily more visible and less attractive. However, they make up for that by reducing deer damage to the fence and fence maintenance in the period immediately following the fence’s installation.

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