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White Flag for Deer – Bag of 14


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These white flags are used to signal the opposite of surrender, Placed on a deer fence when the fence is first installed, they are used to warn deer that the fence is present. That’s because the deer, not yet accustomed to the low-visibility fence, may simply go crashing into it. This is especially true at night and at times when the deer for whatever reason have become alarmed.

Another advantage of these flags is that they somewhat resemble the white “flash” that a white-tailed deer makes by raising its tail in order to warn other deer of danger. The flags may thus make approaching deer edgy and inclined to browse elsewhere.

Tie these warning flags to the fence about 3 feet up and roughly 10 feet apart. They should in no case be attached near the top of the fence in order to avoid indicating the fence’s height.

These white flags are actually lengths of white surveyor’s tape about 20 inches long. They are admittedly not beautiful, though they are definitely useful reducing maintenance in the early days of your fence, especially when the main part of the fence is polypropylene and in areas with many deer.

The flags can be removed after 4 months or so, once the neighborhood deer have become accustomed to the fence.

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