Welded Wire Fencing with 1/4-inch Mesh, 2×50-foot Roll


  • 2 x 50-foot roll of strong welded wire fencing, 1/4″ x 1/4″ mesh
  • Works well with deer fencing
  • Keeps out small animals (snakes, mice, moles, voles, etc.)
  • Can be buried
  • Hot-dip galvanized after welding
  • Coated with black PVC
  • 20-gauge steel wires before coating, 17-gauge after coating
  • Estimated life 20-30 years
  • Salt spray approved and engineered for soil to fence contact
  • This welded wire fencing with 1/4-inch mesh comes in 2×50-foot rolls. It consists of 20-gauge galvanized steel wires coated with black PVC (17 gauge after coating). Use this mesh like hardware cloth, in areas where you wish to keep out really small animals (baby snakes for example), and in places where you wish to bury the fencing underground.
  • Consider this fencing to be the equivalent of black hardware cloth. Other things being equal, black is the least visible of all colors, so this fencing is less visible than ordinary hardware cloth. The black coating also provides some protection, but the main advantage is low visibility
  • The quarter-inch mesh on this fencing is so small that it keeps out really small critters – snakes, baby snakes, young mice, just about anything but earthworms.
  • It’s also salt spray approved and engineered for soil contact, so it works well underground. Use it to keep out moles, voles, and other burrowing critters that need confronting anywhere from a few inches to a foot underground.
  • Use this as a bottom guard at the base of deer or other fences protecting gardens or back yards. It’s also useful for blocking off areas under decks or protecting other areas where incursions by very small animals need to be prevented.
  • This fencing is not cheap, so use it for applications where you need a relatively short length of fencing, and be sure that you really need it. Our half-inch welded wire mesh, which comes in hundred-foot rolls, can be used underground too, will keep out most small or burrowing critters, and costs less per foot.
  • The galvanizing is done after welding (an important feature). The fencing holds up well underground and is rated for up to 30 years of useful life.


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