Welded Wire Garden Fencing, 5 x 100 Foot Roll, 1-inch Square Mesh


  • 5 x 100-foot roll of strong welded wire fencing, 1″ x 1″ square mesh
  • Hot-dip galvanized after welding
  • Coated with black PVC
  • Stronger than metal hexagrid fencing
  • 19-gauge steel wires before coating, 17-gauge after coating
  • Estimated life 20-30 years
  • Salt spray approved and engineered for soil to fence contact
  • Can be buried
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  • This welded wire fencing has one-inch square mesh consisting of 19-gauge galvanized steel wires coated with black PVC (17 gauge after coating). This is a leading workhorse of welded wire fencing used for animal control. The mesh is small enough to contain or exclude most animals (including many birds) and also plenty strong enough to contain or keep out larger animals including dogs.
  • Accordingly, use this welded wire fencing in areas where you want a strong low-visibility fence capable of dealing with a wide range of animals.
  • This fencing is especially useful for fencing in gardens and yards were deer are not a problem. Fold some of it outward at the bottom and stake it down to keep rabbits and other small critters from going underneath. Or fold some if it inward at the bottom if you are using it as a dog fence and want to keep your dog or dogs from digging underneath.
  • Other things being equal, black (technically the absence of color) is the least visible of all colors, so our black fencing is less visible than welded wire fencing that has not been coated in this manner. The black coating also provides some protection for the fencing underneath, but the main advantage is low visibility.
  • All of our welded wire fencing is galvanized after welding, an important feature. It’s also salt spray approved and engineered for soil contact, so it works well in areas near the sea and underground. Use it to keep out burrowing critters that need confronting anywhere from a few inches to a foot underground.
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