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U-bolt Clamp, Black


U-bolts can be applied with a small wrench. Use the one here to terminate 12.5-gauge wire or nylon line on a deer fence. Single U-bolt, black.

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U-bolt clamps: Use these small black clamps to terminate and manually tighten runs of our braided support wire. This strong black 12.5-gauge wire cannot be terminated by twisting it around itself to form what looks like a small hangman’s knot. Instead, it needs to be terminated with clamps, a purpose served by our small black U-bolts.

To determine how many U-bolts you need, count your planned runs of line. Consider that a run can go up to 80 feet from its anchor post, or until it encounters a corner or a gate. Count the number of runs needed to go all the way around your fence. Then multiply that by two to find the number of U-bolts needed.

To apply a U-bolt, go up to the post that will serve as your first anchor post. Put a foot or more of the braided wire through the opening in the clamp; put the end of the wire around the anchor post,  and then put it through the U-bolt opening in the other direction. Now pull the wire tight enough so that when you put it at the top of the post it will stay there, and tighten the two nuts on the U-bolt clamp with a small wrench.

Place the loop of terminated wire at the top of the post, just below the brace band, and unwind the wire down the fence line until you reach the other anchor post for this run of wire. Pull the wire reasonably taut, cut it at an appropriate place, and put the cut end through the U-bolt, around the post, and back through the clamp as you did at the first anchor post. However, before tightening the clamp with the wrench, pull run of wire taut – not tight enough to tilt you posts but tight enough to provide suitable top support for your fencing.

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