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Sleeve for 1-5/8-inch Round Posts


  • Sleeve for 1-5/8-inch Round Post
  • Black; Galvanized and Powder-coated
  • 2.5 Feet Long
  • Install with Drive Cap
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This sleeve for 1-5/8-inch round posts grips the ground well, saves installation time, and keeps the work of post installation on the ground.  The sleeve itself is black (like the post), a little over 1-5/8 inches in diameter, pointed on one end, and 2.5 feet long.

To install the post and sleeve, set a drive cap (anvil) atop the sleeve, place the point of the sleeve where you want the post to go, make sure the sleeve is standing straight, and drive the sleeve into the ground with a hammer or heavy mallet until only about an inch of the sleeve remains above ground. Check from time to time with a carpenter’s level to make sure the sleeve is going in straight.

Once this post sleeve for 1-5/8-inch posts has been installed, remove the drive cap and insert your post. This post, ten inches longer than the fence is tall, will strike a crimp about 10 inches down the sleeve and stop. This completes installation of the post.

Should you be driving the sleeve into soil with lots of rocks or roots, prepare the way with a digging bar. Then, once the bar has reached the desired depth, remove the bar, insert the sleeve, tap the sleeve in with a hammer to install it, and insert your post. That’s all there is to it.

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