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Post Cap for 2.5-inch Posts


  • Vinyl Cap for 2-1/2-inch Round Post
  • Flat Cap
  • Estimated 10-15 Year Life
  • Suitable for Fences and Gates with 2-1/2-inch Posts
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Our post cap for 2.5-inch posts (round posts) is a flat vinyl cap that inserts directly into the post and has very low visibility. We gave up on offering the round black metal caps (still seen in some of our videos) because too many customers said they were extremely difficult to install on the posts.

Our current vinyl cap is estimated to have a life of about 15 years. That’s less than the old metal cap, but the new cap is both inexpensive and easy to install. Furthermore, it is visually neutral, because it fits so deeply and snugly into the top of the post that it is unobtrusive and indeed hardly visible at all. Flanges on the sides of the cap ensure that the fit is snug, plenty snug enough to exclude rainwater, something that if it entered the post could in time create problems for it. The cap therefore offers a simple and effective way of covering the top of the post without detracting in any way from the post’s appearance.

This cap will fit all of our round 2.5-inch  posts Virtually identical caps are available that fit our 1-5/8-inch round posts, those with sleeves as well as those without sleeves.

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