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Poly Deer Fencing, 8 x 330 Feet (Deer 2 – Stronger – ON SALE)


  • Extra strong poly deer fencing
  • 8 x 330-foot roll
  • Breaking strength 750+ pounds per foot
  • Low visibility, black
  • Mesh 2 inches
  • Estimated life 10+ years

Poly Deer Fencing, 8 x 330-foot roll (Deer 2): Here’s a strong poly fencing to use for making a long 7.5-foot deer fence or a long 8-foot deer fence with a bottom guard. (The bottom guard is a two or three foot strip of metal fencing placed near the bottom of the fence. It prevents rabbits and groundhogs from gnawing holes at the bottom of the fence that deer can then enlarge to gain entrance.)

You don’t need an all-metal fence, because this strong poly fencing (breaking strength 750+ pounds per foot) will keep out deer reliably so long as the bottom is secure and small animals aren’t allowed to make holes near the bottom. The poly fencing will not last as long as metal fencing. However, this Deer 2 grade of poly fencing should last 10+ years, which is enough for many purposes. (Don’t believe the hype put our in some quarters claiming that poly deer fencing will last anywhere from 20 years to as long as the pyramids.)

So save money. Combine our Deer 2 poly fencing with a metal hexagrid or welded wire bottom guard of any height you like. Join these two types of fencing to create a deer fence 7.5 or 8 feet tall.

The choice between metal fencing and poly fencing with a bottom guard is yours. However, if you’re striving to keep costs down, use this 8-foot tall poly fencing with a 2-foot bottom guard to build a 7.5-foot deer fence. That allows you to fold 6 inches of the bottom guard and poly fencing outward toward the deer and stake them down (necessary to keep deer from nosing under the fence), and then to install 18 inches of the bottom guard vertically on the fence and extend your poly fencing upward 7.5 feet.

Or alternatively, if you prefer an 8-foot fence, install this poly fencing so that it just brushes the ground, and then install a bottom guard over it that employs a staked-down 6-inch bottom fold. That will provide the desired 8-foot height while preventing deer from nosing under your fence.

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