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Nylon Zip-lock Ties, 10-inch, Black, Bag of 100


  • Black Nylon Zip-lock Ties
  • 10-inch Length
  • 120-pound Strength
  • Bag of 100
  • Suitable for All Fences
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These handy affordable 10-inch black nylon zip-lock ties with UV resistance have a 120-pound breaking strength and will last outdoors for 5 or 6 years. They come in bags of a hundred and are used for a wide range of purposes. Their basic use with deer fences is to attach the fencing to the posts.

For this purpose, apply about one tie per foot of post. Then, at the top of the post, if you have a brace band in place, put the tie around the top of the fencing (and the top support wire if you have one) before putting the tie under the bolt in the brace band and drawing the tie tight. Thus anchored, the fencing cannot slide down the post.

If you aren’t using brace bands, help to prevent the fencing from sliding down the posts by pulling the nylon zip-lock ties very tight. Then, at the top of the post, install an extra tie at the top of the post, so that the two ties at the top form a shallow “X”. This will not guarantee that the fencing cannot slide down the post but will reduce the chances of its doing so.

Another use for these ties is to join two sections of fencing — either because two runs of fencing need to be connected or because a lower run of fencing (typically a rodent barrier of metal fencing) needs to be joined to the main roll of fencing that generally extends upward the full height of the fence. For this purpose plan on using one or two zip-lock ties per foot — or else plan on using a hog-ring stapler (see below).

These nylon zip-lock ties can also be used to attach the top of the fencing to a top support wire. That’s because they close completely, while our black stainless steel zip-lock ties do not. Alternately, if you fence is moderately long (say 200 feet or more in length), you may find it worthwhile to get a hog ring stapler to join sections of the fencing together and also to attach the top support wire to the fencing.  Bag of 100.

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