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Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence Kit, 7 x 100 Feet


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This 7 x 100-foot metal hexagrid deer fence kit yields a reliable, low-visibility deer fence ideal for protecting yards and gardens. No additional height needed. Deer, unless they are in a panic, won’t jump a 7-foot fence. Our kits come with everything you need to build this strong and effective deer fence – including a 6-inch bottom fold (to prevent deer from nosing underneath).

This kit includes the following:

  1. Installation instructions
  2. One 7.5 x 100-foot roll of metal hexagrid deer fencing
  3. Seven 1-5/8” x 9’ round black steel posts
  4. Seven 1-5/8” black vinyl post caps
  5. 100 strong zip-lock fasteners
  6. 20 white warning banners
  7. 30 foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes

NOTE: the fencing’s 7.5-foot height permits 6 inches to be folded outward toward the deer and staked down with ground stakes, preventing deer from nosing under the fence—thereby blocking their favored route of entry.

Optional Accessories:

  1. Quality Access Gate 3-7 Feet Wide: These gates admit people and small pieces of machinery (mowers, rototillers, etc.) rather than cars or trucks. They come as kits with easy (pictorial) assembly instructions and include their own support posts.
  2. Tension/Top Support Wire: Recommended for all metal hexagrid fences. Our black pvc-coated tie wire has a 13.5-gauge steel core. Unlike nylon monofilament line it requires no special terminators or tighteners—because it doesn’t stretch and can be terminated by simply twisting it around itself. We combine it here with strong black zip-tie fasteners, providing 1 fastener per foot of fence.
  3. Extra Posts: Identical to the posts in the main kit, these provide additional strengthening for fences likely to face repeated snow loads. Together with the posts in the kit and a single gate, they lower the average distance between fence posts to 10 feet.
  4. Manual Post Driver: Use this long tube, closed at one end with two handles running down its sides, to install your posts easily. No ladder is needed. All the installer needs is a step-stool of the sort used to move dishes about in a pantry.

Dimensions: 7 x 100 feet
Life Expectancy: 20+ years
Fencing: 20 ga. galvanized steel wire woven into a 1-inch mesh and coated with black pvc. Breaking strength 650+ pounds per linear foot.
Posts: Black powder-coated galvanized steel, 1-5/8-inch diameter, 17 ga.

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