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Metal Fencing, Hexagrid Mesh, 4 x 150 Feet


  • Tough metal hexagrid fencing
  • 4 x 150-foot roll
  • 1-inch hexagonal mesh
  • 20-gauge steel wire
  • Galvanized and coated with black pvc
  • Estimated life 20+ years
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Use this black metal fencing 4 feet tall with hexagonal mesh to build strong, attractive, and affordable fences that exclude contain dogs or keep out other critters. Made of woven 20-gauge steel wires that are galvanized and coated with black pvc, the material offers a number of singular advantages. Among them:

  • Visibility: This material is less visible than just about any other metal or polypropylene fencing, partly because its strong wires are relatively thin (20 gauge), partly because black (being the absence of color) is the least visible of all colors, and partly because its hexagonal mesh is harder for the eye to follow than a square or rectangular mesh. What this means is that a fence made of this material can fade into the background better than other fences.
  • Affordability: It’s less expensive than other metal mesh fencing. That’s partly because its steel wires are thin and partly because it’s made on the same kinds of machines that make small-mesh chicken wire. Chicken wire is so popular, and so much more of it is produced than other comparable types of welded wire fencing, that its price is lower. Hence, the price of our black metal critter fencing 4 feet wide is lower too.
  • Strength: This material is plenty strong enough to resist deer impacts, contain dogs, and exclude small critters. Neither rabbits nor woodchucks can chew through the metal wires.
  • Longevity: Despite all sorts of wild claims to the contrary, no polypropylene fencing can be counted on to last more than about 10 years. In contrast, our metal critter fencing 4 feet wide (and other widths as well) has an estimated life of 20+ years.
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