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Metal Deer Fencing (Hexagonal Mesh), 7.5 x 100 Feet


  • Tough metal hexagrid fencing
  • 7.5 x 100-foot roll
  • 1-inch hexagonal mesh
  • 20-gauge steel wire
  • Galvanized and coated with black pvc
  • Estimated life 20+ years
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This metal deer fencing with black 1-inch hexagonal mesh is the perfect fence to end all deer penetrations. Less visible, longer lasting, and a great deal stronger than polypropylene, our metal hexagrid fencing is invulnerable to woodchucks and rabbits and can take repeated blows to its mid-section.

To repeat, this product makes what is probably the best deer fencing available anywhere. Stronger, longer-lasting, and lower maintenance than polypropylene fencing, it has an expected life of 20+ years.

This black metal deer fencing last so well because of its construction. It consists of 20-gauge steel wires woven together, galvanized, and coated with a UV-resistant black pvc.

This metal hexagrid fencing is also considerably less visible than both polypropylene and welded wire deer fencing–at least all grades of such fencing with professional strength that deer cannot simply saunter through. That’s partly because its steel wires, while strong, are relatively thin, and also because black (being the absence of color) registers on the eye as the least visible of all colors.

This matter of visibility is important, because deer don’t like jumping over fences they can’t see. And since their vision is not great (they have trouble judging distances and depth), they have real trouble figuring out where the top of a metal hexagrid deer fence really is.

For this reason, even though deer can jump relatively tall fences, increasing numbers of reports by seasoned professionals show deer being reluctant to jump metal hexagrid fences that are six feet tall or even shorter. So if you are seeking to build a deer fence that works and whose height does not exceed 6 feet, this is the place to start.


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