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Manual Post Driver


  • Opening 2.6 Inches
  • Length 24 inches
  • Heavy Steel Construction
  • Weighted and Reinforced Steel Head
  • Long Handles for Comfortable Gripping
  • Premium Steel Construction
  • Finished with Durable Black Powder Coating
  • Resistant to Scratching, Fading, Chipping, Rusting
  • Drives in 1-5/8-inch Posts
  • Not for use with drive sleeves
  • 2-step Stool May Be Needed for 9-foot Posts

Use this manual post driver to drive all metal posts without sleeves into the ground.

It’s simple. Take a two-step stool from your pantry, slide the driver’s open end over one end of your post, and put the post’s other end where you want it to enter the ground. Raise the post driver a bit, and let it drop.  This will typically drive the post several inches into the ground.

Repeat the process until the post is at the desired depth. If someone is assisting by holding the post as it is driven, be sure their hands are out of reach of the descending driver, because the driver can seriously damage hands.


Use this manual post driver to install our 1-5/8-inch round posts as well as a large variety of other posts with diameters of 2 inches or less.

People installing deer fence posts (which are commonly 9 or 10 feet long) sometimes imagine themselves atop a ladder waving a sledgehammer at the top of the post — obviously a perilous operation. But you don’t need to (and shouldn’t) do that. Using a manual post driver makes the job easy. Indeed, you don’t need any ladder. You just need one of those little two-step stool used to move dishes around in the pantry.

Specifically, place the manual post driver over the end of the post to be installed. Bring over the step-stool and step up one or at most two steps holding the post and driver.  Place the other end of the post where you want it to go, position the post so that it is straight, grasp the long handles of the post driver, raise the drive six inches to a foot, and drop it onto the top of the post, driving the post a few inches into the ground. Repeat this until the post reaches the desired depth (as indicated by a piece of tape you placed on the post earlier) and you’re done. The post is installed. It’s as simple as that.

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