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Hog Rings, 9/16″, Black, Galvanized, 2,500


  • 9/16-inch Hog-ring Staples
  • Pack of 2,500
  • Excellent for Attaching Fencing to Top Wires and joining different kinds of fencing
  • Suitable for All Our Deer Fences

Use these 9/16″ staples and our professional stapler to apply hog ring staples “with the speed of summer lightning.” The bad news is that 2,500 staples are far more than you will need, while the good news is that they cost only 0.8 cents each. The same job can be done with nylon zip-lock ties, but the hog-ring stapler saves a lot of time and the staples last longer than the ties.

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Hog rings come out looking circular, like the ring in a hog’s nose. They serve to join wires and/or fencing made up of wires or thin plastic members—such as polypropylene, metal hexagrid, or welded wire fencing.

In the specific case of deer fencing, these circular staples serve to join pieces of fencing, attach wires to fencing, and make repairs.

The staples offered here are basic wire staples 9/16 inches long applied as rings. They come as a box of 2500 galvanized black staples. A single sleeve of staples feeds into the tool all at once.

Our tool that applies these staples is less expensive than our contractor (pistol grip) model but is also harder to use and more likely to require maintenance. Therefore, if you have a relatively long fence, consider the contractor model.

The same joining job done with a hog ring stapler can also be accomplished with zip-lock ties. However, the zip-lock ties take much longer to apply, do not last as long, and (if you are using a lot of them) can be more expensive. Therefore, if you have a very short fence (say 100 feet long or less), think about using zip-lock ties instead of these staples. However, if your fence is mid-length or long (say 200 feet or more) getting a hog ring tool and staples is worthwhile.

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