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Ground Stakes, Kinked, Bundle of 30


  • Galvanized Ground Stakes
  • Kinked, with a Hook to Catch the Fencing
  • 1 Foot Long
  • Bundle of 30
  • Suitable for Securing the Fencing to the Ground

Ground Stakes: Secure your fence to the ground with these foot-long kinked galvanized  ground stakes (hard to obtain locally). Bundle of 30.

These fine all-purpose stakes can perform a multitude of tasks, everything from staking down tents to anchoring fencing, trellises, and even the little circlets of wire one puts around new plants to protect them from feet and lawnmowers.

These foot-long metal stakes have a point at one end, a hook at the other, and a kink in the middle. So they’re easy to install, not quite so easy to pull out, and grab on well to whatever you’re seeking to secure.

These ground stakes are good for anchoring any kind of light plastic or metal fencing, but for deer fences they have a special use. Specifically, deer don’t want to jump over a tall fence, they want to nose under it. So deer fence builders prevent that by folding out some six inches of the fencing at the bottom (toward the deer) and staking the bottom fold down with these stakes.

You don’t need many of them. In general, one stake every six feet will do the job. However, be careful tapping them in because you can bend the top, especially if the soil is hard or rocky. If the soil is really hard or rocky, find something like an icepick or a thin steel rod to make a narrow hole first into which you can then install the stake.

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