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Galvanized Steel Wire, 12 Gauge, 100 Feet


  • 12 Gauge Galvanized Steel Wire
  • 100-foot Roll
  • Suitable for Attaching Earth Anchor Braces to Fence Posts

Fence-builders use this wire to attach earth anchors to fence posts. For installing a 7-foot fence one should plan to use about 12 feet of wire per anchor.

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This versatile galvanized steel wire (12-gauge, 100-foot roll) can be used for many tasks. On this website, however, we recommend it for one specific job, namely attaching earth anchors to the tops of fence posts.

To accomplish that, once your earth anchor is in the ground, take the end of a length of this wire, string it through the loop at the end of the earth anchor, and twist it four or five times around itself tightly until you have something that looks like a small hangman’s knot. Then unroll the wire to the top of the post to which the earth anchor is to be attached, cut the wire secure it to the post (the method used will depend on the kind of post), pull it reasonably taut (not tight enough to tilt the post) and twist it around itself to create another hangman’s knot. That’s all there is to it.

If your fence is 7 feet tall, plan on using about 10 feet of wire per earth anchor.

This galvanized steel wire can be used perfectly well as a top support wire for the top of your fence; but it won’t work as well as our black braided 12.5-gauge wire, which is stronger and longer-lasting. On the other hand, it you are looking for a general-purpose wire to do any of a wide variety of jobs, this wire is a good choice.

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