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Earth Anchor (Ground Anchor) 8-pack


  • 8 Earth Anchors
  • Painted Steel
  • 20-inch Length, 3-inch Auger
  • Pullout Strength up to 1,000 Pounds
  • Affordable Braces for Ends and Corners
  • Use 2 Per Corner, 1 Per End

At the corners, back up one post, screw the anchor in along the fence line between this post and the corner post (before the fencing is installed), and attach the anchor to the top of the post one back from the corner with strong steel wire.

Do that on both sides of the corner. This avoids the need to have any earth anchor cables hanging outside the fence line. Additional products needed: brace bands for attachment (1 per post) if round posts are installed and strong steel wire (about 12 feet per anchor).

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Our earth anchor (ground anchor) 8-pack serves to provide excellent end, corner, and gate braces for deer fences, being both more effective and virtually invisible–in contract to brace posts, which are more expensive, harder to install, and ugly.

To install one of these earth anchors, slip a metal rod through the loop at the end of the anchor and twist the anchor’s helix into the ground at about a 45 degree angle. When nothing is sticking out of the ground except the loop, remove the rod, insert a strong wire (see our earth anchor attachment wire), and use the wire to connect the earth anchor to the top of an appropriate anchor post.

People sometimes object to earth anchors on corners because their attachment wires hang outside the fence, creating a tripping hazard for children, interference for lawnmowers, etc. To avoid that, use two anchors (preferably before the fencing is installed) and back up one post on each side of the corner. Then screw each anchor into the ground right along the fence line, proceeding from one post back toward the corner post, and attach the anchors to the two posts that are one post back from the corner post. This leaves the space between the corner post and one post back unbraced, but this is a short distance for which bracing is not needed.

Used this way, our earth anchor (ground anchor) 8-pack will serve to brace 4 corners, 4 gates, or 8 ends, and will reliably anchor any fence. Estimated pullout strength circa 1,000 pounds.

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