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Digging Bar for Installing Posts


  • Helps Deal with Roots, Rocks
  • Length 6 Feet
  • Carbon Steel Construction
  • Easy to Use
  • Use with Manual Post Driver

Before driving in a post or sleeve, use this digging bar to prove no rocks or roots are in the way.

Here’s how. Put the bar’s business end where you want your post to go. Tap it down a few inches with a heavy hammer. Stir it like you would a pot of soup, and tap it down a few more inches. In no time you’ll be at the tape or mark you thoughtfully put on the bar showing it has reached the desired depth.

Now you know no rocks or roots are in the way. So, remove the bar and tap in the sleeve or post with an anvil or manual post driver. Its that easy.

Our digging bar for installing posts, which is 6 feet long, provides a valuable assist for those seeking to install posts or ground sleeves in rocky ground.

If you don’t know whether a rock will be in the way of your post or not, apply our digging bar for installing posts. Do this by first putting a piece of tape on the bar to mark how deep you want it to go. Then push or tap the bar a few inches into the ground. Next, leaving the point in the ground, move the bar as though you were stirring a large cauldron of soup. After stirring a bit, tap it in a few more inches, and stir again. Repeat these steps until you have reached the tape indicating the desired depth.

At this point you know no rocks are in the way. So remove the bar, insert the post sleeve or post to be installed, and using a driving anvil (for the sleeve) or manual post driver (for the post) drive the sleeve or post down to the desired depth to complete the installation.

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