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1 Fence Post for a 7-Foot Fence, with Cap (Minimum Order 5)


  • Fence Post and Cap, Black
  • Suitable for 7-foot Deer Fences
  • Round Steel Post
  • 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Black Powder-Coat Finish
  • 8 Foot 10 Inch length x 1-5/8 Inch Diameter
  • Handsome, Long-lasting Post
  • Estimated Life 20+ Years
  • Sold in Quantities of 5 or More
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This round black steel fence post for a 7-foot fence offers an alternative to our posts with sleeves. Like the latter, it comes with a cap, has a 16-gauge steel wall, is heavily galvanized, is 106 inches long, and has a black powder-coat finish. Its cap is a low-profile plastic cap that is inserted into the top of the post.

Installation: Place a small piece of tape 22 inches from the bottom of the post and install it to that depth with a manual post driver.

If the soil is rocky or hard, prepare the way with a digging bar, similarly marked with tape 22 inches up from the end.  Push the bar down a few inches or tap it in with a heavy hammer. Next, stir the soil (leaving the point in the ground) as though you were stirring a large pot of soup. Then tap the bar down a few more inches and repeat the process. When the tape reaches the ground at 22 inches down, remove the bar, insert your fence post for a 7-foot fence, and install the post with a manual post driver, using a carpenter’s level to ensure that the post goes in straight. Insert the cap to complete the installation.

In the event that the post driver dulls the post’s shiny black finish, get a can of glossy black spray paint and spray the affected area.

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