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Brace Band for 2-1/2-inch Round Post


  • Brace Band for 2-1/2-inch Post
  • Comes with Nut, Bolt, and Washer
  • Provides an Anchor Point
  • Keeps Fencing from Sliding Down the Post
  • Suitable for Corner/End Brace Posts and Driveway Gate Support Posts
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This black brace band for 2-1/2-inch round posts comes with a nut, bolt, and washer. it fits nicely onto a round 2-1/2-inch diameter fence post. Since our corner and end brace posts, as well as our driveway gate support have this 2-1/2-inch diameter, this brace band makes a useful accessory for these posts. However, they do not fit our standard line posts and pedestrian gate support posts, which have a 1-5/8-inch diameter. For these latter posts get our smaller brace bands for 1-5/8-inch round posts.

This brace band for 2-1/2-inch round posts, as well as the one for 1-5/8-inch round posts, serves two purposes. First, it serves as an anchor points for fencing at the tops of posts. Once the band has been set firmly in position, so that it cannot move, it provides an excellent anchor points. Simply put a strong zip-lock tie around the top of your fencing and under the bolt in the brace band, and you have ensured that your fencing will never slide down the post like a hasty fireman.

Beyond that, if your fence has a top support wire, brace bands can be used to make sure that the wire stays in place and does its job. Specifically, after the wire has been installed at the top of the fence and you are starting to install your fencing, embrace both the top of the fencing and the support wire with a zip-lock tie, put the tail of the tie under the bolt in the brace band, and pull the tie taut. Do this at every post. Then, after you attach the top of the fencing to the top support wire with more ties or with hog-ring staples, you have ensured that the top wire will stay put and support the fence.

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