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Black Plastic Gardening Mulch, 4 Feet x 100 Feet x 1 Mil


  • Black plastic gardening mulch
  • 4 feet x 100 feet x 1 mil
  • Prevent weed growth, weed whacking, and fence damage
  • Use under fencing before the fence is installed to prevent weed growth
  • Cover with wood chips or bark mulch to protect from sunlight
  • Easy to slice down the middle to create two strips 2 feet wide and 100 feet long
  • Perfect for placing under a fence.

Black plastic gardening mulch, 4 feet x 100 feet x 1 mil. Are you worried about the effects of both weeds and weed whackers on your deer fence? So are we! That’s why we offer you this easy remedy. Plastic (polyprpylene) deer fences are especially vulnerable to damage from week whackers, but so are metal hexagrid and welded wire fences.

The best way to avoid such damage is to eliminate any need for weed whacking by preventing weed growth in the first place. That’s both easy to do and inexpensive.

Place a 2-foot strip of this black plastic gardening mulch along the fence line before you install the fence. Then cover it with an inch or so of wood chips or bark mulch and install the fence right over it. The chips or bark mulch will protect it from the sun’s ultraviolet rays, and the film will prevent nearly all weeds from growing up along the fence line.

Don’t use landscape cloth for this purpose, because landscape cloth only lasts for a short time. Instead use this material, which will perform better and last for many years.

To get a 2-foot strip of this black plastic gardening mulch, slice our4-foot roll down the middle with a pair of scissors. It’s fast and easy. Then, when you are laying it down along the fence line use small stones, bricks, or whatever is handy to keep the wind from disarranging it before you put the wood chips or bark mulch on top.

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