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8-foot Stronger Poly Deer Fence Kits

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We recommend our 7-foot deer fence kits but also sell 7.5 and 8-footers. Our best kits are the metal hexagrid kits (low visibility, low maintenance, strength, easy installation, less costly than welded wire fences, expected life 20+ years). If your budget is tight get a bargain strong poly kit with Tenax C-flex Select polypropylene fencing (600+ lb/ft breaking strength, low visibility, easy installation, expected life 10+ years). However, if you have rabbits or woodchucks (ground hogs) in your area, be sure to supplement the poly kit with a bottom barrier (a 2-foot strip of metal hexagrid fencing). Otherwise these critters are very likely to gnaw small holes in the poly that deer commonly enlarge to penetrate the fence.  

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8-foot Stronger Poly Deer Fence Kits

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These kits provide highly secure low-visibility deer fences for reliably protecting yards and gardens. The kits come with everything required to build an effective deer fence—including posts with drive sleeves (for ease of installation) and a 6-inch bottom fold (to prevent deer from nosing underneath). If you have rabbits or woodchucks, be sure to get a bottom barrier (see Accessories below) to keep these critters from gnawing holes in the fence that deer can then enlarge. This bottom barrier also provides a handy way of extending the fencing to its full 8-foot height while preserving the 6-inch bottom fold.

Every 100 feet of kit includes the following:

  1. One 8 x 100-foot roll of professional maximum strength polypropylene deer fencing
  2. Seven 1-5/8” round black steel posts with drive sleeves for an 8-foot fence
  3. Drive cap for installing sleeves
  4. Seven 1-5/8” black vinyl post caps
  5. 100 feet of black pvc-coated tie wire with a 13.5-gauge steel core
  6. At least 50 strong zip-lock fasteners
  7. In all but the 100-foot kit, a hog ring stapler with 1,000 staples.
  8. At least 20 white warning banners
  9. At least 18 kinked galvanized ground stakes

NOTE: Every fence kit comes with a drive cap for installing the drive sleeves.

Accessories (optional items to add from the menu above):

  1. Corner Braces: These protect corners against sideways stress. They consist of earth anchors with attachment wires to be arranged so that no cables hang outside the fence line. Add these to protect against snow loads, falling tree branches, and the weight of the fencing. Recommended for fences over 100 feet long, especially ones in snow-prone areas. Get 1 per corner, defining a corner asevery place where a turn is 45 degrees or more.
  2. End Braces: These protect ends and gates against sideways stress. Like corner braces, they consist of earth anchors with attachment wires to be arranged so that no cables hang outside the fence line. They should be added to protect against snow loads, falling tree branches, and the weight of the fencing. Recommended for fences over 100 feet long, especially metal hexagrid fences and ones in places with lots of snow. Get 1 per corner and 2 per gate, defining an end as any place where the fence terminates against a building, wall, or other fence.
  3. Quality Access Gates 3-7 Feet Wide: These gates admit people and small pieces of machinery (mowers, rototillers, etc.) rather than cars or trucks. They come as kits with easy (pictorial) assembly instructions and include their own support posts.
  4. Quality Driveway Gates 8-14 Feet Wide: These gates have a single door. Designed for admitting vehicles, they come as kits with easy pictorial assembly instructions and include their own support posts.
  5. Tension/Top Support Wire: Our black pvc-coated tie wire has a 13.5-gauge steel core. Unlike nylon monofilament line it requires no special terminators or tighteners—because it doesn’t stretch and can be terminated by simply twisting it around itself. We combine it here with strong black zip-tie fasteners, providing 1 fastener per foot of fence.
  6. Extra Posts: Identical to the posts in the main kit, these provide additional strengthening for fences likely to face repeated snow loads. Together with the posts in the kit and a single gate, they lower the average distance between fence posts to 10 feet.

8 x 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 feet
Life Expectancy:
10-12 years
Extra strength polypropylene, black, with 1.75 x 2-inch mesh and 750 pound breaking strength per linear foot.
Black powder-coated galvanized steel, 1-5/8-inch diameter, 17 ga.

NOTE: Despite a lot of internet hype, no poly fencing can be counted on to last more than about 10 years. If you want deer fencing that will reliably last 20 years or more, get metal hexagrid fencing.


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