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7-foot Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence Kits (100 – 500 Feet) — Best on the Web

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These deer fence kits with metal hexagrid fencing create reliable, long-lasting 7-foot fences with an expected life of 20+ years. Gates not included. These are the best kits in the business, because they’ve got:

  • Top quality
  • The best fencing
  • The right height
  • The right post spacing
  • Low visibility
  • Great appearance
  • Bottom protection
  • Superior bracing
  • The best design
  • The right price

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Products included in every 100 feet of each kit:
1) 100 x 7.5 feet of metal hexagrid deer fencing to make a 7-foot fence with a 6-inch bottom fold (folded outward toward the deer).
2) 7 round black galvanized steel posts (1-5/8″ diameter, 16 gauge walls) with sleeves and caps for a fence with a finished height of 7 feet.
3) 1 drive cap for installing sleeves.
4) 8 strong 10″ stainless steel zip-lock fasteners per post for attaching the fencing to the posts.
5) 18+ foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes to secure the bottom fold of fencing to the ground.
6) 10+ white warning flags to warn the deer away from a new fence.
7) Fence installation instructions.
8) Top support (tensioning) gear:
a) 100+ feet of black braided steel cable
b) 4+ brace bands for securing the cable to posts
c) U-bolt clamps for terminating runs of cable (2 u-bolts per run)
d) 100+ strong nylon zip-ties or hog ring staples (with stapler) for attaching the top of the fencing to the cable.


  • Top Quality – Not all fencing materials are equal. Our metal hexagrid fencing is heavily galvanized after weaving and evenly coated with black PVC. Unlike metal hex sometimes sold elsewhere, it won’t rust and is rated to last for 20+ years. Likewise, our round black galvanized steel posts (16-gauge rather than the lighter 17-gauge posts sold elsewhere) are strong (to resist snow loads and falling branches) and are rated to last 30+ years. Back to top…
  • The Best Fencing – Metal hexagrid fencing is strong, long-lasting, affordable, and so hard to see that it fades into near-invisibility at distances over 10 feet. Unlike polypropylene fencing, critters cannot chew through it, creating holes that deer can then enlarge. So there’s good reason to consider metal hexagrid fencing the best deer fencing available anywhere. Back to top…
  • The Right Height – Over 20 years of experience have shown that browsing deer won’t jump a 7-foot fence. The literature fails to distinguish between panicked and browsing deer, and as a result some people want 8-footers. Also, some communities prohibit fences over 6 feet tall. And since 6-foot fences (especially low-visibility fences in wooded areas) will generally keep out deer, we sell those too. However, as a general rule, 7 feet is an ideal deer fence height. Back to top…
  • The Right Post Spacing – Our metal hex fencing is light (a 100-foot roll weighs about 80 pounds), our posts are strong, and the post sleeves go 30 inches into the ground. This makes it right to space the posts about 15 feet apart—which cuts costs and contributes to the fence’s low visibility. We do offer extra posts as an option for protecting against massive snow loads (say in Buffalo, New York). But for most fences our post spacing of about 15 feet is correct.
  • Low Visibility – Our metal hex fencing is the least visible professional deer fencing available anywhere. Less visible and more effective than poly fencing, and also less visible than high-tensile fencing or welded wire fencing with square mesh, it virtually disappears in most settings. Back to top…
  • Great Appearance – All of our fencing gear is black, the least visible of all colors. So, when you combine our metal hexagrid fencing with our strong but narrow round posts, you get a fence that looks really well in suburban, park, or estate settings. Beyond that, our kits come with top support tension wires that prevent the fence from sagging and that ensure the top runs straight. Plus, if you order one or more of our gates you can be sure that the gate materials match the fence materials in the kit, and that they all look well together. Back to top…
  • Bottom Protection – Deer don’t want to go over a 7-foot fence. They want to go under To prevent them from finding small ground irregularities that might let them nose underneath, all our kits provide 7.5-foot fencing. At installation, the bottom 6 inches of this fencing is folded outward toward the deer and staked down, thereby preventing them from nosing underneath. Back to top …
  • Tensioning – All our kits come with a strong black steel cable and black attachment gear. This cable gets installed at the top of the fence, where it provides tensioning and ensures that the top of the fence runs straight. Back to top…
  • Superior Bracing – Your deer fence may not need bracing. If it’s under a hundred feet around it probably doesn’t. But if you need bracing (to protect against sideways stress caused by snow loads, falling branches, or long tensioning lines), be wary. Most deer fence vendors sell large corner brace posts with side supports that are ugly, costly, and time-consuming to install. We don’t. Instead we offer earth anchors that are all but invisible, highly effective, and inexpensive. Get two for each corner or gate and one for each end. At installation, follow our directions to avoid having any cables hanging outside the fence line. Back to top…
  • The Best Design – Unlike other vendors, we don’t make you guess about what you need. We know that metal hexagrid deer fences need a top support (tensioning) cable and a staked-down bottom fold. We also know that earth anchors make better braces than heavy posts. And we realize that posts don’t need to be spaced closely – that your fence will work and endure well if they are spaced 15 feet apart. So we incorporate all these features in our metal hex kit design — the least visible and most effective deer fence kit design available today. Back to top…
  • The Right Price – We charge a little more for starters, because we provide everything you need. But that means you have everything up front. You don’t need to guess about what to add (no tensioning gear or bottom fold), and hence there’s no reason to be shocked about the high add-on price. We cannot do anything about gates (which need to be purchased separately on this website and which are expensive). But so far as the kits and kit options go, our prices are the lowest available anywhere. Back to top…


  • GATES: No gates are provided with these metal deer fence kits. Purchase your gates here.
  • BRACES: We offer the giant corner and end braces provided by other sellers, but we regard them as expensive, ugly, and time-consuming to install. Earth anchors, as described below, provide much better bracing for deer fences and have none of these drawbacks. If you install them right, you don’t even need to have any attachment cables hanging outside the fence line (see below). SAVINGS: For fences with 4 corners you will save over $300.
  • Brace Bands: Install these little round black 1-5/8” steel bands (they come with nuts and bolts) at the tops of our round posts to ensure the fencing will not slide down the posts. Depending on post spacing, put on one band every 15 or 20 feet.
  • Top Support Wire: This strong PVC-coated black steel wire improves the look of your fence by straightening the top. It also protects against falling branches. The wire requires brace bands (sold for this kit separately) but comes with other mounting gear (u-bolt terminators for ending runs of wire and zip-ties or a hog ring stapler).
  • Earth Anchors: RECOMMENDED FOR ALL FENCES OVER 100 FEET LONG. These provide the best and cheapest way of bracing ends and corners. Get 2 anchors per corner and 1 per end (our gates come with their own bracing). Keep attachment cables from hanging outside the fence line. Do this by screwing the anchor in along the fence line, heading from the next to the last post toward the last post, and then securing the attachment wire to the top of the next to the last post. These anchors, which can be added in groups of 4, 8, or 12, come with attachment wire.
  • Extra Posts: STRONGLY RECOMMENDED for metal deer fence kits in all snow-prone areas. Successive snowstorms can challenge your fence with heavy loads of ice and snow. The best way to protect it against possible collapse is by putting the posts closer together (about 10 feet apart) instead of using the traditional 15-foot spacing. Choosing our “extra posts” option allows you to do that.
  • Manual Post Driver: Get this if you don’t already have one. Customers sometimes imagine themselves standing atop a tall ladder waving a sledgehammer at a post. Well, forget it. Just bring over one of those two-step stools used to move dishes about the pantry. Then slip this gadget (about 2 feet long) over one end of your 9-foot post; put the other end of the post where you want to install it; get one step up on the stool, raise the driver 6 inches to a foot; drop it down on the post (driving the post in an inch or two) and repeat.
  • Digging Bar: If you’re using the driver above and strike a rock or root it’s not convenient—because you need to remove the post and start again a few inches away. To avoid that, use this digging bar or the one you have in your garage. Push it an inch or two into the ground or tap it in with a hammer. Then stir it like you would a big cauldron of soup, tap it in again, and repeat. In short order you will reach the tape you put on the bar to indicate you have reached the right depth (the depth to which the post should go). That proves no rocks or roots are in the way. Now take the post and tap it in with the manual post driver as described above. It’s easy.
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