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7.5-foot Welded Wire Deer Fence Kits (100 – 500 Feet)

Welded wire deer fence kits that create reliable 7.5-foot fences. 1″ x 1″ square mesh made of 19-gauge steel wires, galvanized and coated with black pvc. Expected life 20++ years. Gates not included. Options include braces and extra posts.

Customize Your Kit

  • Post Anchor Braces (NEEDED for most fences over 100 feet long to counter loads and pulls along the fence line; get 2 per corner, 2 per gate, 1 per end. Cost about $11 each.) *

  • Support Bands (Brance Bands) with Nuts, Bolts, and Wahers. (Used to prevent fencing from sliding down round posts and for supporting top wires; get 1 per post. Cost about $5 each) *

  • Top Wire whth Terminators and Attachers: (This wire makes the fencing run straight; NEEDS the brace bands above. Cost $40 to $50 per hundred feet.) *

  • Extra Posts with Sleeves and Caps: (Recommended for snow-prone sites. Cost abour $39 per post.) *

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We recommend our 7-foot deer fence kits but also sell 7.5 and 8-footers. Our best kits are the metal hexagrid kits (low visibility, low maintenance, strength, easy installation, less costly than welded wire fences, expected life 20+ years). If your budget is tight get a bargain strong poly kit with Tenax C-flex Select polypropylene fencing (600+ lb/ft breaking strength, low visibility, easy installation, expected life 10+ years). However, if you have rabbits or woodchucks (ground hogs) in your area, be sure to supplement the poly kit with a bottom barrier (a 2-foot strip of metal hexagrid fencing). Otherwise these critters are very likely to gnaw small holes in the poly that deer commonly enlarge to penetrate the fence.  

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7.5-foot Welded Wire Deer Fence Kits (100 – 500 Feet)

Here’s What You Get from Us:
1) Clarity — a clear description of what you’re getting — with our opinions, your options, and what works spelled out clearly.

2) Quality — The highest quality, longest lasting deer fencing materials sold anywhere.

3) Low Prices — Because we avoid massive post braces and complex tensioning systems, we are able to offer lower prices than other vendors.

4) Reliability — We’ve been in business over 20 years, and we know that our fences will reliably keep out deer.

Products included in every 100 feet of each kit:
1) 8 x 100 feet of black welded wire deer fencing with 2″ x 2″ square mesh, allowing for a 6-inch bottom fold. Made of 16-gauge steel wires, galvanized over the weld and coated with black pvc. Expected life 20++ years.
2) Seven black galvanized steel posts, with sleeves and caps, for a fence with a finished height of 7.5 feet. This provides for a post spacing of about 15 feet — suitable for fences with top wires (see the top wire option) in areas without heavy snow.
3) 1 drive cap for installing sleeves.
4) 7+ strong 10″ stainless steel zip-lock fasteners per post for attaching the fencing.
5) 18+ foot-long kinked galvanized ground stakes to secure the fencing to the ground.
6) 10+ white warning flags to warn the deer away from a new fence at night.
7) Fence installation instructions.


1) Post Anchor Braces: The purpose of these braces is to counter sideways pulls coming down the fence line as a result of snow loads or falling tree branches. Recommended for fences over 100 feet long. Highly Recommended for fences over 100 feet long in snow-prone areas. Our earth anchor braces are less visible, more effective, and less expensive than the huge post braces offered by other vendors. Plus, on the corners, if you install your earth anchors one post back from the corner, you can avoid having any attachment wires hanging outside the fence line. Get 2 anchors for each corner, 2 for each gate, 1 for each end. Price: about $11 each.

3) Support Bands (Brace Bands) with Nuts, Bolts, and Washers: These small metal bands attach to the top of each post and prevent fence sag in our welded wire fences where the posts are over 10 feet apart. Slip a zip-lock tie under the brace band’s bolt and around the top of the fencing (or the top of the fencing and the top support wire) to provide an anchor point ensuring that the fencing cannot slide down the post. Price: about $5 per band.

4) Top Support Wire with Terminators and Attachers: This wire makes the top of the fencing run straight, improving the fence’s appearance. Also useful for countering the impact of falling tree branches, this top wire is highly recommended for all fences with welded wire fencing where the posts are spaced more than 10 feet apart. The wire, which uses the brace bands above as anchor points, is terminated with U-bolt clamps and attached to the top of the fencing with zip-lock ties or circular hog-ring staples. Price: $40 to $50 per hundred feet.

5) Extra Posts with Sleeves and Caps. Purpose: to shorten the average distance between posts from about 15 to about 10 feet. Needed to prevent fence sag in fences without top wires, and also to deal with snow loads in snow-prone areas. None of this should obscure the fact that even metal deer fences are light, and posts are expensive. While many vendors are willing to sell posts for any spacing, no welded wire deer fence needs to have an average post spacing of less than 10 feet. Price: about $39 per post, sleeve, and cap.

6) Gates: No gates are provided with these kits. Purchase your gates here.

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