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6-foot End Brace Post (Sold in Quantities of 2 or More)


  • End Brace
  • 1 Brace Sufficient for 1 End
  • Brace for a 6-foot Fence
  • Galvanized Steel Posts
  • Black Powder-Coat Finish
  • Strong, Long-lasting Brace
  • Sold in Quantities of 2 or More
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This 6-foot end brace post, sold in quantities of 2 or more, is suitable for bracing the ends of 6-foot deer and dog fences against sideways stress caused by snow, falling trees, and other impacts. (Fence ends are places where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or other fence.)

Besides the 2.5-inch diameter end post with a sleeve and cap, this product includes a side support posts that gets mounted on the main post and that reaches the ground at an angle. It also includes gear for attaching this side support post to the center post and for attaching it to a sleeve in the ground in such a way that cement footings are not needed.

Specifically, the support post comes with a sleeve that is installed in the ground vertically. This sleeve attaches to the side post via a 10-inch length of pipe (that gets inserted into the sleeve) and specialized attachment gear. In this way, the side brace becomes attached to the vertically installed sleeve, an arrangement designed to strongly resist any sideways stress coming down the fence line without requiring a cement footing.

These end braces are not needed for fences less than 100 feet long. However, they may be needed for longer fences, especially ones placed in snow-prone areas. They may also be needed for short fences if those fences employ a top support wire or tensioning system to make the fencing run straight, because such arrangements can create a significant pull upon the fence.

An alternative to our 6-foot end brace post, especially for longer fences, is provided by earth anchors and attachment wire. In contrast to the the expensive and highly visible end brace, earth anchors cost little and once in the ground are practically invisible. In our opinion this provides a far more affordable and effective solution than a brace post.

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