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U-nails 1.25 Inch, 50


Galvanized 1.25-inch U-shaped nails with barbs for securing both polypropylene and metal mesh fencing to wooden posts. 50 U-nails. For 7-foot fencing use about 5 U-nails per post.

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Galvanized U-shaped nails for securing wire, polypropylene fencing, and metal mesh fencing to wooden posts. 50 U-nails 1.25 inches.

U-nails can be used for a wide variety of tasks. In general, they are used when one wants to attach wire, fencing, small posts, or other objects to trees or thick pieces of wood.

The ones offered here are long enough to get a good purchase on wood posts without any bark covering. For U-nails suitable for attaching fencing and wire to trees, get our 1.75-inch U-nails.

For attaching 7-foot deer fencing, use about 5 U-nails 1.25 inch per post, more if going around a corner.

In setting up a run of wire (usually along the top of the fence before the fencing is installed) proceed as follows: Start by anchoring the wire to the first post in the run. If this is a wooden post, do not go around it. Instead, nail in three U-nails 1.25 inch on one side of the post. Run the wire through those nails so that it comes back on itself, and terminate the wire by twisting it around itself or with a U-bolt clamp, depending on the sort of wire being used.

Then unroll the wire down the fence line, attaching it to your selected posts at the right height with single U-nails. When you come to the post at the end of your run of wire, cut the wire and repeat the procedure used at the first anchor post. Tighten the run of wire before you terminate it.

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