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Welded Wire Deer Fence Kits

Our welded wire fences, which come as kits, are our strongest deer fences. Both rodent and deer-proof, they have substantially greater strength than polypropylene deer fences, involve less maintenance, and last roughly twice as long. Great for dealing with heavy deer pressure and elk. Estimated life 20+ years.

These welded wire fences come in five lengths (100 through 500 feet) and 2 heights (7 and 8 feet). All employ thick galvanized welded wire mesh coated with black pvc to reduce its visibility.

The mesh of the 7-footers consists of 1-inch x 1-inch squares made of 19-gauge steel wires, while the mesh of the 8-footers consists of 2-inch x 2-inch squares made of 16-gauge steel wires. Both kinds are galvanized after welding and coated with black pvc.

All of the kits also come with round black steel posts equipped with drive sleeves for ease of installation. In general, where the strength of the fencing is an important issue, these kits are the best choice.

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