Post Sleeves

The post sleeves we offer here are 2.5-feet long and are made for round steel posts 1-5/8 inches in diameter.

If you already have your 1-5/8-inch round posts, be sure they are only one foot taller than the planned height of your fence, or else be prepared to cut them to the proper length–something easily done with a hack saw.  The reason is this: Our 2.5-foot sleeves have a crimp in them at the 1-foot mark that stops the descending post. Hence, while the sleeve goes 2.5 feet into the ground, the post stops one foot down. Thus, an 8-footer inserted into the sleeve will stand 7 feet tall, and a 9-footer will stand 8 feet tall.

In general, customers tend to prefer posts with sleeves over posts without sleeves because they want to avoid getting up on a tall ladder and swinging a sledge hammer. However, there’s no need for that. Simply bring over one of those two-step stools used to move dishes around in the pantry. Then slip our manual post driver (about 2 feet long) over your round post; get up on the stool a step or two; place the open end of the post where you want it to go; raise the driver 6 inches to a foot; and drop it on the post. This will drive the post down a few inches. Repeat the process until you reach the piece of tape you have cleverly placed at the 2-foot mark, and your post is installed.

Alternatively, using post sleeves, insert a post cap into the top of the sleeve and strike the sleeve with a heavy hammer (not a sledge hammer) until only an inch or so of the sleeve is out of the ground. The insert the post, which will hit the crimp at the 1-foot mark, and your post is installed.

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