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Fence Post Driver and Other Post Tools for Installation

We offer three post tools to assist with installation, these being our fence post driver (a manual driver), a digging bar, and a drive cap.

Fence post drivers, less time-consuming than post-hole diggers and less expensive than augers, are great tools for installing metal posts, You can get fancy drivers; but ours, the better basic model, works just as well.

Digging bars, often used as adjuncts to fence post drivers, are useful for dealing with rocks and roots. Simply push or tap the bar’s pointed end into the ground a few inches; rotate it to enlarge the path; push or tap it down a few more inches; and repeat the process until you have reached the necessary depth. Now, when you take up your fence post driver, you will know the post has an open path. The digging bar offered here is a four-footer well-suited to getting two feet down. If you need to go deeper than 2 feet, get a 5 or 6-foot digging bar locally.

Drive caps are necessary  tools if you’re installing 1-5/8-inch posts with sleeves. Place the cap atop a sleeve. Then hit the cap-sleeve combo with a heavy hammer, driving the sleeve into the ground without damaging its top. Doing this repeatedly will mash the drive cap, so we recommend that you get one drive cap for every 20 sleeves.

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