Fence Braces

  • Brace fences over 150 feet long against snow loads, deer impacts, and falling branches with earth anchors or corner/end brace posts
  • Do this at all corners and ends. Define a corner as where the fence makes a significant bend. Define an end as a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or other fence.
  • Our gates come with braces, so you don’t need brace posts there.
  • Earth Anchors versus Brace Posts: Pros and Cons (See Below).
  • How to install Earth Anchors (See Below).
  • How to install Post Braces (See Below):

Earth Anchors versus Brace Posts: Pros and Cons:

  • Earth anchors save money.
  • Earth anchors are less visible.
  • Earth anchors work better.
  • In most places, earth anchors are easier to install.
  • Where the ground is hard or rocky, it may be easier to install post braces.

How to install Earth Anchors:

  • Get 2 anchors per corner, 1 per end.
  • Install the anchors after the posts are in but before the fencing is up.
  • Plan on attaching the anchor 1 post back from the corner or end post.
  • Screw the anchor into the ground along the fence line, at about a 45 degree angle, proceeding from the future attachment post toward the corner or end post.
  • When the anchor is all the way in, attach it with strong attachment wire to a brace band at the top of your chosen attachment post. That’s all there is to it.
  • NOTE: This method leaves no cables hanging outside the fence line to trip children or harass lawnmowers.

How to Install Post Braces:

  • Our braces need NO CEMENT FOOTINGS.
  • Install the sleeve for the main corner or end post (drive cap/anvil needed) and insert the post.
  • Attach the smaller brace post or posts to the main post and decide exactly where you want the sleeve(s) for the post(s) to go.
  • Install the sleeve(s) vertically at the one or two places selected.
    Insert the 10-inch post section(s) provided and connect it or them to the sleeve or sleeves.
  • That’s all there is to it. No cement footings, dead men, or heavy digging needed.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.
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