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Earth Anchors and Attachment Wire

The earth anchors for sale here provide the best and least expensive bracing available for deer fences. These anchors cost a lot less than bracing systems. Being practically invisible they are a lot better looking than bracing systems. And since no large amount of digging is needed to set them in, they are a lot easier to install. Our anchors have a propeller-like screw at the end of a long shaft and an estimated pullout strength of 2,000 pounds.

The problem with the earth anchors for sale here as well as others is where to attach the anchors. If you attach them to the corner posts you will only need one per post but will then have a cable hanging off the corner that can make trouble for lawnmowers and running children. To avoid this, screw your anchor into the ground right along the fence line, headed from the next post over (the “corner approach post”) toward the corner post, and use strong attachment wire to secure the anchor to the top of the corner approach post. Since each corner has two corner approach posts, you will need two earth anchors per corner instead of one.

Similarly, put your bracing anchors on end approach posts rather than end posts and on gate approach posts rather than on gate posts.

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