Brace Bands

Brace bands are round metal bands with flanges that can accept a bolt, nut, and washer. The band fits snugly over a round post of roughly the same diameter as the band, at which point the bolt can be put through teh flange and tightened to establish an anchor point at the top of the post. When a zip-lock tie is slipped under the brace band’s bolt and around the top of the fencing, this prevents any tendency that the fencing might have to slide down the round post.

With regard to size, all of our regular round fence posts are 1-5/8-inch diameter posts. To equip these posts with brace bands, get a 1-5/8-inch band for each standard (1-5/8-inch) round post. Then, if you plan to have one of our driveway gates, get two 2-1/2-inch bands for the two larger support posts provided with each of these gates.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.
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