Zip Ties

We offer strong nylon and stainless steel zip ties (locking ties) in 8 and 14-inch lengths. All have a breaking strength of 100 pounds or more and all are black. In both cases the 8-inchers are all you need, though the 14-inchers are a bit easier to apply.

The stainless steel zip-ties are best for attaching the fencing to metal posts and will last the life of the fence. Plan on using 7 per post. Do not use them to attach the fencing to lines, wires, or other fencing, because they will not close completely.

Instead, use our nylon zip-ties or hog ring staples for these latter jobs, applying about 1 tie or staple per linear foot. The versatile and inexpensive nylon ties do all these jobs (including attaching the fencing to metal posts) but only last 5-6 years, and so will eventually need to be replaced.

The puller-cutters are not essential but will make the job go faster.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.
Two doors are more expensive