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Deer Fence Flags (Warning Flags)

Our deer fence warning flags (actually short strips of white surveyor’s tape about 20 inches long) can be used to flag anything. They show up well because white is the most conspicuous of all colors–even more visible than the red or orange colors commonly used to signal danger.

These warning flags serve an important if temporary purpose. Deer have real trouble seeing our low-visibility deer fences. Indeed, if the fence has just been installed recently they may go running along some accustomed path and run right into it. Since deer are hefty creatures and can run up to 40 miles an hour, they are perfectly capable of breaking through a deer fence (especially a plastic one) and/or doing significant harm to themselves. To prevent that, we recommend putting these little white warning flags (one or two between each pair of posts at a height of about 3 feet) along the fence. You can remove them about 4 months after the fence has been installed, once the local deer have become accustomed to the fence.

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