U-bolt Clamps

These versatile U-bolt clamps can be used to bind wire or rope together under a wide variety of circumstances. For deer fencing they are typically used to terminate runs of wire used to provide support at the top or middle of the fence without alerting deer visually as to the exact height of the fence.

To terminate our strong braided support wire, first count your runs of line (a “run” going not over 80 feet or until you reach the first corner or gate).  Then get two of these clamps for each run.

To apply  a U-bolt, go up to one of your anchor posts (typically at a corner, end, or gate). Put the end of the line through the opening in the clamp, around the post, and back through the clamp. Tighten the U-bolt with a wrench until the line is firmly secured to the clamp and cannot move. Now go to the other end of your run of line and do the same thing. However, before you tighten the clamp’s nuts, pull the line taut — not so taut as to tilt your posts, but taut enough to provide top support for your fencing.

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