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Hog Rings - Staplers and Staples

Hog rings (little circular staples applied with a special stapler) make great substitutes for nylon zip-lock ties because they can be applied faster and last longer than the zip-ties. However, the stapling tool plus staples costs more than the zip-ties if you only need a bag or two of ties. Therefore, you are best off using hog rings when the fence is on the long side (300 feet or more) and reserving the ties for shorter fences where they can save you money.

When applied, hog rings form rings that looks like small copies of the ring in a hog’s nose. Use one per foot to quickly attach your fencing to any tie wire or line, to a rodent barrier, or to another run of fencing. Do not buy just the stapler or just the staples unless you are sure the model that you purchase matches whatever you already have on hand.

We prefer galvanized hog rings to the stainless steel ones because the latter look like little bright points on the fence. Please don’t be tempted to use our black stainless steel zip-ties to attach your fencing to tie wire or other fencing, because the stainless zip-ties do not close completely.

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