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Gripples and U-bolts

To tighten and terminate monofilament line, first count your runs of line (a “run” going from one corner, end, or gate to the next corner, end, or gate, and so on all around the fence). Then get two gripples for each run plus the gripple tool, or else get two U-bolt clamps and one daisy wheel for each run plus the daisy wheel handle tool. Don’t get terminators or tighteners if you are using metal tie wire, because it doesn’t need them.

To apply gripples, put a foot or so of our heavy nylon monofilament line (8 or 12 gauge) through one side of a gripple, put the end of the line around the post to which the line is being attached, and put the end of the line through the other side of the gripple. Now take the gripple tool and tighten the gripple until it is firmly attached to the post. Then go to the other end of your run of line and do the same thing, using the gripple tool to ensure the line is taut.

To apply the U-bolts and daisy wheel, go up to one of your anchor posts (typically at a corner, end, or gate), put the end of the line through a U-bolt, around the post, and back through the U-bolt. Tighten the U-bolt with a wrench until the line is firmly secured to the U-bolt and cannot move. Now go to the other end of your run of line and do the same thing. Then go to the middle of the run, apply the daisy wheel to the line, and tighten it with the handle tool. This is less elegant but somewhat more involved than applying gripples.

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