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Fence Wire (Tie Wire, Support Line)

Install special fence wire (a top support tie wire or line) if you’re planning a metal hexagrid deer fence, a poly fence over 500 feet long, or a fence likely to get struck by falling branches.

We offer two forms of this fence wire, both black: pvc-coated metal tie wire and 8 or 12-gauge nylon monofilament line. Metal tie wire works best on short or mid-length fences and ones going around curves. Monofilament line (12 gauge for poly fencing, 8 gauge for metal hex) is the best choice for long fences (over 500 feet) with straight sides.

Regarding installation of this fence wire, the tie wire requires no special gear. Simply take it around your anchor post and twist it around itself three or four times at the top of the post until you have something that looks like a little hangman’s knot. Then unroll the wire down to the next anchor post, cut it to an appropriate length, pull it taut manually, and make another hangman’s knot at the top of this post, and you’re done.

In contrast, nylon monofilament line cannot be terminated by twisting it around itself and it stretches over time. So it needs both special terminators (gripples or U-bolts) and special tighteners (daisy wheels and a handle tool), making for a more expensive and more cumbersome installation.

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