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Fence Wire (Support Line)

Install special fence wire (a top support wire) if you’re planning a metal hexagrid deer fence, a poly fence over 500 feet long, a fence likely to get struck by falling branches, or a fence where you wish to ensure that the top of the fence runs straight.

Our black vinyl-coated braided 12.5-gauge steel wire (breaking strength 1200 pounds) works especially well on short or mid-length fences and ones going around curves. It also works well on longer fences so long as the runs of wire are kept fairly short (on the order of 80 feet).

Regarding installation of this fence wire, we recommend using brace bands to secure it (and the top of your fencing) to the top of each post. It also requires small u-bolts to terminate both ends of each run. Do not go around any corner or across any gate with the run of wire. For best results we recommend limiting the length of individual runs of wire to about 80 feet.

To terminate the wire, go up your chosen anchor post and pass the end of the wire through a u-bolt, around the post, and back through the u-bolt. Then tighten the u-bolt with a wrench.

Leave the terminated fence wire at the top of the anchor post and unwind the roll of wire down to the other anchor post at the other end of the run. Cut the line and repeat the process there with another u-bolt; but before tightening the u-bolt draw the line taut enough to support your fencing, but not so tight as to tilt the fence posts.

Repeat this process until you have gone all around the fence.

Install a brace band, if you have not already done so, at the top of each post. Then, when installing the fencing, secure both the fencing and the top support wire to the brace band with a zip-lock tie. Do this by passing the tie around the fencing and the support wire, passing it under the bolt in the brace band, and fastening the tie.

Next, attach the top of the fencing to the fence wire with hog-ring staples or zip-lock ties, using one staple or tie about every foot. This completes installation of the wire.


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