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Welded Wire Fencing

Welded wire fencing is a proven tool for containing or excluding animals. All of our welded wire fencing has an expected life of 20+ years.

In selecting welded wire fencing, mesh size is important. In general, larger mesh sizes are for larger animals and taller fences.

Our 2 x 4-inch mesh fencing (with black pvc-coated 14-gauge steel wires) can be employed for deer but is used mostly to deter elk. Our 2 x 2-inch and 1 x 1-inch meshes (black pvc-coated steel wires that are respectively 15 and 19 gauge) are those generally used for deer. The former is stronger while the latter (still plenty strong) is less visible.

Our smaller (half-inch and quarter-inch) mesh sizes get used mainly against very small critters (snakes, moles, voles, etc.). They have 19 and 20-gauge steel wires, respectively, which like the rest are coated with black pvc.

One should treat this welded wire fencing as a heavy, super-strong metal hexagrid fencing that is more visible than metal hex but also better able to cope with elk and very large deer populations. In general, use the same gear that one would used to install metal hexagrid fencing, keeping in mind that for heavier and more challenging animals one needs to keep the post spacing relatively close.

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