Tenax Deer Fencing (C-flex)

Tenax deer fencing has been made for a long time. It features strong but thinner strands than competing products. The three grades we offer have features similar to those of our comparable reinforced poly products. Like them, they are black with a mesh size of 1.75 x 2 inches and a maximum height and length variation per roll of 5%.

The expected life-spans of these different grades of Tenax deer fencing, comparable to those of the reinforced products, are up to 10 years for C-flex Select, 10+ years for C-flex Premium, and up to 15 years for C-flex Pro.

Other features; Visibility: very low for Select and Premium, low for Pro. Tested breaking strength: 650+ pounds for Select, 750+ pounds for Premium, and 950+ pounds for Pro. Grams of polypropylene per meter: 80 g/m for Select, 110 g/m for Premium, and 150 g/m for Pro.

Recommended uses: Select – Short deer fences (less than 500 feet), low deer pressure; Premium – fences less than 1,000 feet long, less than extreme deer pressure; Pro – Fences with extreme deer pressure where metal hexagrid or welded wire deer fencing is unsuitable.

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