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Polypropylene Fencing (Plastic Mesh Fencing)

All our polypropylene deer fencing (plastic mesh fencing)is very strong–being used customarily by seasoned deer fence installers who know their stuff. We offer two types. One is made by Tenax, the traditional maker of strong poly deer fencing. This comes in three progressively stronger grades: “C-flex Select,” “C-flex Premium,” and “C-flex Pro.”

Our other type of plastic mesh fencing, which has emerged more recently, comes in three grades comparable to the Tenax grades. These are called “Heavy Duty Reinforced,” “Extra Strength Reinforced,” and “Maximum Strength Reinforced.”

In both cases the three progressively stronger grades have breaking strengths of 650, 750, and 950 pounds per foot. The Tenax fencing is slightly less visible, while the Reinforced fencing is strengthened by an extra run of polypropylene along the bottom.

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