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These parts pages offer all the products needed for building deer and many other sorts of fencing. These “other sorts” include dog, swimming pool, and affordable nearly invisible boundary fencing. For kits and parts designed to create lower barriers similar to those for deer, visit our dog fencing website.

Regarding the deer fencing that our parts build, if you don’t yet know just what you want, we suggest you go to our “Create a Fence” section in the header menu above and browse our Facts, Options, and Planning pages. Then come back here and assemble your supplies.

This parts catalog provides everything you need for your project, namely:

Fence Rolls (metal hexagrid, welded wire, and polypropylene)
Posts (round black steel posts with sleeves and caps, round black steel posts with caps, black angle-iron posts)
Post Braces (earth anchors and attachment wire; or, alternatively, full corner and end/gate braces)
Post Accessories (brace bands and caps)
Post Installation Tools (manual post driver,  digging bar, drive cap)
Gates (access gates, one-leaf driveway gates, and two-leaf driveway gates)
Support Lines (black pvc-coated tie wire; or, alternatively, black nylon monofilament line)
Nylon Monofilament Line Gear (terminators and tighteners – gripples and gripple tool or daisy wheels, daisy wheel tightening tool, and U-bolts)
Attachment Gear (hog-ring stapler and staples, black stainless steel and nylon zip-lock ties, kinked galvanized ground stakes)
Warning Flags (for warning deer away)
Weed Barrier (for keeping weeds from growing up)

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.
Two doors are more expensive