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7-foot Welded Wire (Steel Fence) Kits

These 7-foot welded wire (steel fence) kits provide all the height needed to keep out deer.  Like the 8-footers they come in lengths of 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 feet. The 14-gauge 2 x 3-inch steel mesh of these welded wire fences is more robust than metal hexagrid fencing. So if strength is a real priority, these are the best to get.

These 7-foot welded wire fences, as well as their 8-foot cousins, are more expensive than either the plastic or metal hexagrid deer fences, and they are also more visible than either of these competing products. Another down-side is that they handle ground irregularities poorly, because they want to run straight along the ground and the ground, unless it is pancake flat, does not always want to cooperate. However, these steel wire fences are strong enough to deal with significant numbers of deer and are also sufficiently strong to keep out elk. They also run straight enough not to need any top support wire; and, likewise, they are rigid enough so that they are unlikely to go sliding down a post, which means that brace bands are not necessary — which is why neither of these accessories are offered with these 7-foot welded wire kits.

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