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7.5-foot Deer Fence Kits with Black PVC-coated Galvanized Wire Mesh

These 7.5-foot deer fences with black pvc-coated galvanized wire mesh fencing (available in lengths of 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 feet) keep out deer reliably, adding a bit more height than is actually needed and providing an important 6-inch bottom fold to keep the deer from nosing under the fence. For those who want drive sleeves for ease of installation, all of their posts come with drive sleeves. Plus, they have all the other advantages of our metal hexagrid kits — low visibility, long life, low maintenance, and fine ability to deal with grade changes.

Building one of these 7.5-foot deer fences provides real assurance that you have all the height you need. Please note, however, that most buyers of these galvanized wire mesh fences are well advised to purchase some of the inexpensive accessories offered with these kits–notably bracing for the ends and corners of fences 200 feet or longer, brace bands (to prevent fence sag), and top support wire (to help deal with tree branches and snow and to improve the fence’s finished look).  These accessories cost little but contribute significantly to the fence’s long-term performance.

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