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Garden Deer Fence

Garden Deer Fence by McGregor

Give your garden full protection against deer with a McGregor garden deer fence. We offer many effective and affordable garden fences and kits sharing good looks, low visibility, reliability, and strength. All are well-suited to protecting gardens. For different budgets and conditions we offer kits 7 to 8 feet tall with different kinds of fencing: Polypropylene, mixed poly and metal, and pure metal hexagrid fencing

Choosing a Fence

Choosing the right deer fence kit is easy. If you want the best deer fence, one that will last for 20+ years, get a kit with metal hexagrid fencing. Or, if your budget is more restricted, get a polypropylene fence.

Re our poly garden deer fence kits: If you have no woodchuck (ground hog) or rabbit problems and expect none, get a basic poly kit. Otherwise get one of our “protected” poly kits with a two-foot metal hexagrid rodent (rabbit and woodchuck) barrier along the bottom. These deer fence kits won’t keep out rabbits and woodchucks. But they will keep them from gnawing holes in the fence, holes that deer commonly find, enlarge, and use to penetrate the fence. Finally, if you have no rabbits or woodchucks and would like to take down your garden deer fence in the off-season, get one of our seasonal poly kits.

Regarding posts, all our garden deer fence kits come either with angle-iron posts or round black metal posts. The angle-iron posts have a farm-ranch look, require a bit of maintenance, and tend to be less expensive. The round black metal posts require no maintenance, look well in a suburban or estate setting, and will last the life of the garden deer fence. So get the kind of posts that you prefer.

How to Install Our Garden Deer Fence Kits

Frankly, there’s not much to installing a deer fence for your yard. Set the posts, attach a top wire, assemble your gate or gates, attach your fencing, use our ground stakes to secure the fencing at the bottom, put up some handy little warning flags, and you’re done.

Obviously, none of this is rocket science. So watch our deer fence installation videos (the best on the web). Then install the fence yourself or get a local landscaper or handyman to do it.

Build your own deer fence with our videos and written instructions
Installation Videos

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