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Fence Fasteners (Zip-ties and U-nails)

fence fasteners: zip-ties and U-nailsHere’s how to attach fence fasteners: If you are using wooden posts or trees as posts, plan on attaching the deer fencing with five U-nails. If you are using angle-iron posts, plan on attaching the fencing to each post with five 8-inch zip-lock ties–either nylon or black stainless steel ties (the nylon ties have an expected life of 5-6 years, while the more costly stainless steel ties will last the life of your fence). Finally, if you are using round posts, plan on attaching the fencing to each post with seven nylon or stainless steel ties.

Calculate the total number of fence fasteners (U-nails or zip-ties) you will need, divide this by the number in each bag, and add the appropriate number of bags to the items in your cart.

You may wish to get a puller-cutter for applying the zip-lock ties, but this is not a necessity. If you get the puller-cutter for the stainless steel ties and are attaching them to round posts, it is advisable to get the 14-inch ties instead of the 8-inch ties for ease of application.

Stakes and Flags

a ground stake and warning flagPlan on folding 6 inches of  fencing at the bottom toward the deer and staking this flap down with ground stakes. If your soil is very loose and sandy use 18-inch rebar ground stakes. Otherwise use the standard 12-inch kinked galvanized ground stakes, which are less expensive. In either case, plan on using one ground stake for every 6 feet of fence.

Also plan on attaching two warning flags (at a height not over 3 feet) between each pair of deer fence posts or trees. Calculate how many warning flags you will need by taking your total number of posts plus trees and multiplying by two.


We offer deer fence “pedestrian” or “access” gates 3 to 7 feet wide and driveway gates 8 to 20 feet wide. These driveway gates have either 1 or 2 doors, the more convenient 2-door types being more expensive and being available in widths of 8 to 20 feet. (The 1-door driveway gates are available in widths of 8 to 16 feet.) You may also make your own gates or have them made elsewhere. If you plan to use our gates, figure the number of deer fence gates in the various available widths that you will need and enter them in your shopping cart.

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