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Deer Fence Kit Bargains


Looking for the best deer fence kit bargains? You’ve just found them!

Deer fence prices have been rising lately, but some professional grade poly fencing (notably Tenax C-flex Select) has been bucking the trend. So we’ve put together deer fence kits for 7-foot, 7.5-foot, and 8-foot tall fences featuring this material. Effective and reliable, these low-visibility kits sell for less than any other deer fences on the market. (Should you find anything selling for less with comparable parts, we’ll match the price.


If you have rabbits or woodchucks in your area and you want a 7-foot deer fence kit, be sure to get a bottom barrier. This is a 2-foot strip of metal hexagrid (1-inch hexagonal mesh of black pvc-coated steel wire) that keeps rabbits and woodchucks from gnawing holes in the lower reaches of the fence.

Why is this important? Because deer don’t want to go over your tall fence, they want to go under it. So they typically poke about the bottom. If they find one of those small rabbit or woodchuck holes, they’ll poke their heads in, break a few corner bonds, and then you’ll have a deer inside the fence. This problem is so common that all our Strong (Tenax) 7.5-foot kits and 8-foot kits include a rodent barrier with the kit. It’s an optional accessory with the 7-footers.


All of these new Tenax deer fence kits fade right into the background with their low-visibility fencing and handsome 1-5/8- inch black round steel posts. They come with everything you need to build the fence (fasteners, ground stakes, and installation instructions) plus optional gates and bracing. And they last a long time (expected life 10+ years). They also come in 50-foot increments from 100 to 500 feet; so, if your garden is, say, 240 feet around, you can get a 250-footer without splurging on a 300-foot kit. As already noted, these kits are the best bargain in today’s deer fence world. So act now to cope with deer and protect your garden.

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