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deer ticks and deer fence

Lyme Disease, Deer Ticks, and Deer Fences

Will a deer fence completely protect you and your family against Lyme disease? The short answer is no, but it can be a big help. Here’s how it works: Lyme disease, a bacterial disease, often has severe consequences. The leading vector-borne disease in the United States, it causes some 450,000 new cases per year (5).

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a good deer fence

Deer Fence Kit Bargains

LOW PRICES Looking for the best deer fence kit bargains? You’ve just found them! Deer fence prices have been rising lately, but some professional grade poly fencing (notably Tenax C-flex Select) has been bucking the trend. So we’ve put together deer fence kits for 7-foot, 7.5-foot, and 8-foot tall fences featuring this material. Effective and

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Deer Eating Crops

Deer Facts

DEER FACTS AND DEER FENCES March 23, 2022   The deer facts covered here don’t deal with general deer behavior but rather with those kinds of deer behavior that tell us whether, how, and where to build deer fences. How High Will Deer Jump? Back in the “old days” before 2000, people used to think

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A Metal Hexagrid Deer Fence

Deer Fence Uses, Types, and Heights

DEER FENCE HEIGHTS, TYPES, AND USES March 16, 2022   Deer Fence Height Deer fence height is a major issue that we discuss in detail elsewhere. However, the main conclusion of careful Department of Agriculture research is that few panicked white-tailed deer will leap a 7-foot fence. Also, our own experience of over 20 years

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A Deer in Front of a Car

Deer Damage

DEER DAMAGE: ITS NATURE AND EXTENT March 9, 2022   The overabundant U.S. deer population (roughly 30 million according to most sources) is doing lots of damage. But it does different sorts of damage in different places, and the means available to control that damage in those places likewise differ. So in lieu of a

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