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About McGregor Deer Fence

The Mcgregor Fence Company, set up around the turn of the century, is a country-wide seller of fences to keep out deer. We have no national network of deer fence installers. Instead we rely on the best installation videos on the web and the ability of local yard and garden owners, landscapers, and handymen to watch our videos and perform the simple setup task. We find this generally produces better and more cost-effective results than hiring professional fence installers who, like Babe Ruth at a girl’s softball game, tend to be over-qualified and over-priced.

The McGregor Fence name comes not from our founder but from Farmer McGregor in Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Peter Rabbit. That’s because we started small, with a two-foot fence that would reliably keep rabbits, woodchucks, and other critters out of vegetable gardens. We called it “Mr. McGregor’s Fence.” It worked like a charm, and it still does.

We found, however, that what people really wanted were fences to keep out deer. So we evolved in that direction. We no longer sell Mr. McGregor’s Fence. But if you want to set one up we will be glad to tell you how it works and where to get the parts. That seems the least we can do to sustain our memories of a classic 19th century children’s book and a small but good 20th century idea.

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An end is a place where the fence butts up against a building, wall, or another fence.
Two doors are more expensive